Die Welt der gefährlichen Tiere im Englischunterricht

Vor kurzem wurden im Englischunterricht faszinierende, exotische und vor allem gefährliche Tiere behandelt. Dieses Thema weckt Interesse bei vielen Kindern und Jugendlichen und unterstützt sie dabei, fächerübergreifende Verknüpfungen aufzubauen. In diesem Fall wählten die Schüler der 3b ein ihrer Meinung nach besonders gefährliches Tier und recherchierten darüber im Internet. Dann war die Aufgabe, eine Tierbeschreibung (fact file) mit einem persönlichen Statement zu verfassen. Die individuellen Interessen der Schüler waren dabei quer über die Zoologie verteilt. Besonders gut gelungen sind Tierbeschreibungen über die Malaria-Mücke (David), den Giftpfeilfrosch (Christian), den Rotfuchs (Kilian) und den Weißen Hai (Bastian), das Krokodil (Sebastian) sowie die Tarantel (Matteo).

I want to tell you some facts about the white shark.

It looks like a giant fish with very big teeth. It is predatory fish and lives in the sea by the United States, South Africa, Japan, Oceania and Chile. It`s so dangerous because it eats up not only other fishes and seals but also people who swim or surf in the sea. It only attacks people when it mistakes the people for seals and if it knew the people aren´t seals, they would swim away. When you want to avoid an attack, you must stay in shallow water because it`s too big for it. I think it`s one of the nicest and also scariest animals, but I`m not so scared, because they kill five people in a year on average.

The red fox is a mammal. It looks like a red a mixture of a cat and a dog. It lives in fields, forests but also in orchards. It can be found in Europe, but also Siberia. It is very dangerous, because it is very smart and great. It has it’s own adjective, that is called foxy. The red fox is pretty small, but it is deadly for birds and other little animals. It has really sharp teeth and claws. The fox is really shy, so it’s pretty rare, that people get into contact with it, but it could be very dangerous. Sometimes it has parasites, like fox tapeworm or rabies. It is nocturnal, so you shouldn’t go for a walk at night, when you want to avoid it. I find this animal very sweet and I’m not scared of it, because it’s one of my most favourite animals.

It’s a reptile and looks very curious. It has a big mouth with many teeth and it’s green. You can find the crocodile in North and South America and in Africa. You can also find it in India.

It’s dangerous because you don’t see crocodiles in the water. They look like a tree. They are fast on land and in water. Most of the time they are friendly, but sometimes they are very aggressive. When a person comes too close to them, they bite you. So you must be careful when you see crocodiles. It’s best to stay away from the crocodiles. Then they don’t attack. So if you are careful, crocodiles are beautiful.

I don’t think that crocodiles are terrible.

Sure, some people are afraid of crocodiles, but most of the time they are friendly.

I choose the spider (Tarantula). It looks like a horrible animal. It lives in Australia.

It is dangerous because it´s poison can kill you. We could save the rainforest or we could try not to destroy the habitat of the tarantulas. It´s important to me because the spiders are catching other animals that are not good for the people. Of course the tarantula is venomous but when you don´t get too close, then it´s not dangerous and good for the people. When you get biten, then call the ambulance and go to the hospital, there you get an antidote.

The Mosquito belongs to the family of the insects (lat. Insecta). It looks like a fly and has two small wings, compound eyes and tiny feet. You can find them on every continent, but not in Antarctica. It is not dangerous, when you see it, but when it bites you, you can get several diseases like yellow jack, malaria or zika virus. When you touch the mosquito, you squash it and kill it. To repel mosquitos, you can use insect spray, or you can protect yourself with a mosquito net. When see it with your eyes it is very scary. However, when you put a mosquito under a good microscope with a high magnification, this animal looks even more awful.

This animal is a small frog. The poison dart frog can be blue, yellow, red, orange and green. Some of them have spots or stripes.

They live in wet and tropical forests in Central and South Amerika. They prefer to live near the forest floor but they can also climb on trees.

The skin of the frog is highly toxic. When you touch it, you can die. The golden poison dart frog has enough toxic to kill 20 people.

You only die when the poison goes into your blood. Then it paralyzes the breathing and the muscles.

If you go to the rain forest, respect the habitat of the poison dart frog. Don´t touch these animals. When they live in captivity, they aren´t poisonous.

I´m not scared of it because I don´t want to go into the rain forest right now and even if I went there, I would never touch one of them.